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If you have a premium cigar program, or have always wanted one, keep reading.


What is a Tubeaux?

TUBEAUX is the revolutionary, global patent pending, smartly engineered vertical humidor that is elevating the cigar experience.

If you are a retailer or wholesaler who wants to create a more enticing, innovative, and diverse cigar display, or if you are a retailer who never thought you could offer a premium cigar program, TUBEAUX is your solution.

TUBEAUX offers an attractive, eye-catching way to dramatically increase your cigar inventory – in as little or as much counter space as you have available. Traditional cigar humidors require a large footprint. With Tubeaux we can custom design a humidor configured to the retail that you have available.

And when you see a TUBEAUX humidor, you know the sticks are fresh. All of our TUBEAUX’s were laboratory tested and are the first-ever humidor’s to be certified fresh by Boveda for 2-way humidity control.


The Perfect Humidor for Any Space

Tubeaux Large Retail

TUBEAUX isn’t just a humidor, it’s a revolutionary, global patent pending system for merchandising premium cigars designed to draw existing and potential customers to view your inventory.

Just imagine…no more boxes of cigars laying flat in a large dimly-lit case. With TUBEAUX, premium cigars are displayed vertically, in a well-lit humidor attracting buyers by showcasing the unique color schemes and designs of premium cigar brands.

TUBEAUX comes in a variety of sizes and configurations to fit your available space. We have a broad selection of counter-top models or freestanding humidors. TUBEAUX can also custom-build a humidor to fit any available footprint.

TUBEAUX can also retrofit your existing humidor with our global patent pending modules and extrusions. These proprietary systems allow for vertical display and automatic product push.  Our team can help determine how many modules and extrusions you need.

Give us a little space, and we’ll give you a premium cigar program. Call today to learn more about the TUBEAUX difference.

I Want More Revenue

Over 7% of Your Current Customers Enjoy Premium Cigars

Tubeaux does the work. You reap the rewards.
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Tubeaux can Bring Premium Cigar Brands to These Venues:

Grocery and
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Malls & Retail Spaces
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Hotel Lounges
Golf Pro Shops
Men's Lounges
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There's a Tubeaux Program to Fit Your Needs

Tubeaux Premium Cigar Program

If you need help selecting, monitoring, and replenishing your cigar inventory, Tubeaux can help with this as well. Our menu of services includes
  • Curating the right mix of top-quality cigars in the right price range for your customers
  • Installing a remote, automated tracking system that monitors your sales and regularly replenishes your inventory, at little cost to you
  • Analyzing trends and providing you with detailed reports to maximize revenue from your cigar program
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Tubeaux Features Premium Cigar Brands Including:

Tubeaux Custom Premium Cigar
Strategic Partners Include:

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